All our products are made from your recycled plastics

High Quality Products 

All our products are rot-proof, splinter-free and all weather resistant. The fresh designs look inviting in any surrounding. 

Socially Responsable

Our products are produced with your company's plastics and thereby great to support your CSR initiatives.



The Canvas is a surprisingly simple outdoor bench that looks inviting, relaxing and cosy. It’s made from recycled plastic, with four different colours and three different sizes available. 


The Matrix is a minimalistic designed bench and revolves around pure lines. The one-piece legs create a streamlined look that combines a nice appearance with sturdiness. 


The Oslo picnic table’s classic design stands out from the crowd thanks to its typical A-shaped legs. Unlike its wooden counterparts, this recycled plastic table is rot-proof, splinter-free and easy to maintain. What’s more, its table top and seats are metal-reinforced, so they can take a pounding.

AGORA Planter

It’s safe to say that most planters tend to look rustic and classic. Yet the Agora planter doesn’t fit this description. Thanks to its contemporary colours and horizontal lines, it has an entirely different feel to it. Agora planters are the ultimate street furniture to match any modern cityscape.

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