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  • What type of waste can be turned into wonders?
    Polyethylene (PELD and PEHD) and polypropylene (PP)
  • What happens to our plastic waste?
    Once the waste is collected, it is transported away to be washed, shredded and agglomerated. Then it is ready to be transformed into a new product in our production plant.
  • Do we have to sort our waste ourselves before we deliver it?
    Provided that the waste exists of HDPE, LDPE or PP or a mix of these materials, it does not need further sorting.
  • Does our waste have to be washed before we deliver it?
    No, there’s no need to wash the waste beforehand. We take care of it! It’s part of the processing.
  • What happens to the waste in your factory?
    After the washing, shredding and agglomerating, the plastic granule arrives in our factory where it is melted and if necessary colored with UV resistant polyethylene masterbatch. The molten plastic is now a thick, liquid paste that is injected into moulds under high pressure. The result is a cured profile, suitable for several application areas.
  • Do we get a compensation for the delivered waste?
    Everything depends on the quantity and the cost of further processing. This will be looked at on a case by case basis.
  • Can I choose what is made from the plastic I supply?
    This will be looked at project by project and depends on the volumes delivered and the technical possibilities on our machines. In general any product in our "govaplast street" product line can be chosen.
  • How do I know with certainty that my waste will be processed into my own final product?
    Depending on the waste supplied (both in terms of quality and quantity), the waste can be used 1 on 1, or mixed with our own raw material (mix of waste) to obtain a guaranteed quality.

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